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SEGA’s history in video gaming is long and storied, and while everyone may have their own favourite era, it was the arrival of the Mega Drive/Genesis that really heralded the glory days for the company. It established SEGA as a global competitor and inspired the creation of a brand with an edgier image than that of family-friendly Nintendo. Video games became more than just children’s toys.

Mega Drive/Genesis: a visual compendium is a celebration of this success, featuring over 250 games and accompanied by quotes and commentary from both the original developers and leading video game journalists. Covering both SEGA’s own and third-party releases, the book not only includes well known hits such as Toejam & Earl, Thunder Force III, Space Harrier II, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle and Ecco the Dolphin, but also delves into lesser known realms, with titles such as Alisia Dragoon and El Viento. Also covered are key releases for the 32X and CD add-ons, such as the ground-breaking Virtua Racing and interactive movie Night Trap, respectively.

With a foreword by Tom Kalinske (former CEO, SEGA of America), Mega Drive/Genesis: a visual compendium isn’t just a pretty picture book – it includes comprehensive written features on the history of the Genesis/Mega Drive hardware, plus in-depth articles on the iconic 32X and CD add-ons. Also included are extensive interviews with Ryuichi Nishizawa (Wonder Boy), Lode Coen (Digital Pictures), Tom Kalinske (SEGA), Randy Breen (Road Rash) and David Perry (Earthworm Jim).

Mega Drive/Genesis: a visual compendium is our biggest visual compendium to date, at nearly 600 pages in length. The book is printed lithographically to the highest standards, ensuring really vibrant colours throughout, and pages with a luxurious, high-quality feel to them. Each copy comes with a spot varnished cover, a spot varnished protective dust jacket, and thread-sewn binding. Every book also includes an animated-effect lenticular heavy board slipcase that offers protection for years to come.



ENGLISH ISBN: TBD Year: 2022 Pages: 600


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