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Hi! I'm Dean. Maybe you know me as Round2Gaming. Maybe you don't know me at all. Either way - that's okay! This site is about books, not me. But if you're interested in learning a bit more, then you're in the right place!  


I'm a lifelong collector of video games and gaming memorabilia. Gaming literature has always been a passion of mine; reading about the history, development and universes of all the worlds I grew up loving.  Through the Covid pandemic, I've re-discovered my love of sitting down with a book and flipping through its pages, so I wanted to create a website wholly dedicated to books about games. One where fellow gamers like you could come and discover literature about a franchise you enjoy, a creator you love, or even a topic you're looking to do a video on.

There's no denying this is a niche corner of the internet. And I have no idea how the site will evolve. But if you're here, then "Thank You". And if you enjoy what you see, then that's enough for me. I'd love to hear from you, so come join The Discord, say "Hi" on Twitter or Mastodon or shoot me an email at


If you're looking for other ways to support the site, feel free to buy me a coffee right here.


I officially rolled out this site on a whim in late March 2022. The current phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Get as many books as possible from my collection and beyond up on the website. Basic information, back-of-book descriptions, etc...

Phase 2: Once I'm satisfied with the baseline of books, will start sweeping through and cleaning up tags, categories, recommendations, etc... Essentially connect all of the books together so that visitors can discover more books around the games, creators and topics they're interested in.

Phase 3: Once all the books are tied together and accurately tagged, will start building out more meta-data. Which industry figures are mentioned in the book? Which franchises or consoles are covered? 

Phase 4 and Beyond: Would eventually like to get to a place where I'm branching out into listing out various editions, international publications, maybe even adding strategy guides to this mix. We'll see! 

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