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Peter Abreu, Alyssa Browning, Emma Morrissey, Cai Veronda, Kelly Pringle, Margeaux McClelland, Matthew Mannheimer, Hillary Froemel, Casey Corrigan, Patrick Deasy


An inspired cookbook filled with beautiful art, original recipes and stunning photos. A guide to legendary food that will take your breath away. Funded via Kickstarter.

The Legend's Cookbook is a culinary adventure between two covers. This is a professionally developed and designed cookbook filled to the brim with good food, charming illustrations and imaginative recipes. This cookbook is for everyone, beginners and pros. Drawing from a litany of inspirations, we capture a sense of adventure, novelty and the wild. These dishes will transport the reader to new worlds, teaching them to cook with a plethora of different techniques, approaches and flavors. From the culinary styles of the French, Spanish, German, and even something out of this world, this cookbook will be your guide to fantastic dining everyday. It will act as a gateway to a diverse dining table and truly take your breath away. This is an original, independent, and unofficial project led and being created by fans of cooking, gaming and making things. You can follow along with the project on our Twitter @LegendsCookbook or our Instagram @legends_cookbook.

Contained in this cookbook's pages, you'll find over 85 original recipes, hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations and diagrams, plus professional food photography that will inspire you to try every single dish. Not only are there straight-forward directions in this cookbook, but interesting tips and info earned over the years about everything culinary. Get equipped with all sorts of cooking hints. You’ll be impressed with a lot of the aesthetic attributes as well, such as the delightful field guide style of the cookbook, complete with anatomical sketches of herbs, charcoal sketches and small watercolor pieces tucked away in the corners of pages. It’s fun, adventurous, and stands out.

Within this cookbook, we are aiming for the highest caliber of flavor while adhering to the themes of nature, simplicity and the wild. To achieve this, we engineered our recipes with a few specifics. Things like not using artificial food dye. Natural coloring should be utilized as often as possible, even if this involves extracting pigments from certain ingredients just to add to later dishes. Blackberry purée will always beat out purple food coloring - we want to arm you with the wisdom of the natural alternatives. We also want to utilize fresh ingredients as natural and raw as possible. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to go through the hassle of threshing your own wheat when you can just buy a pound of flour from a store, but if you want something special and a bit wilder, we are going to make you aware of it and more power to you for trying it. Our last tenant is one of simplicity. All of our recipes are straightforward to make. There’s nothing wrong with a baked apple recipe being just baking an apple with some brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon. A simple meal is often the best meal and we want you to have the courage to try it.
















Publishers: #JobJob (JobJob LLC.)

Languages: #English

Format: #Hardcover

Accessibility: N/A

Year: #Year2020

Genres: #FanBook



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