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When writing this book, Math Menent surrounded himself with an exceptional team and set about making the most complete book possible on Nintendo's 8-bit wonder. Over 480 magnificently illustrated pages covering every single game on the console (Famicom Disk System games included), non-official games, unreleased games, and of course, the console's incredible life story. A truly monumental book on the subject.


Telling the full story of the NES/Famicom without repeating what has already been said in the past is no easy feat. And yet we made this our goal, while still covering as many of the details, dates, facts, and anecdotes as possible surrounding this machine that shaped a whole generation.

A machine that no one really believed in to begin with (even its own designer!) but which ended up conquering the world and making Nintendo leader of the fast-changing video games industry. How many nostalgic gamers and collectors still consider themselves part of the NES/Famicom cult, 30 years on from its launch? And what about its staggering and unprecedented sales figures? Almost 62 million consoles sold around the world! Sure, quantity doesn't mean quality, but the NES/Famicom managed both, with a plethora of iconic and unforgettable games. They are what made a legend of the machine, a legend we'll share with you across one hundred pages.

  • Origin of the Famicom

  • A Decade on Top

  • The NES Legacy


The international GameCube library is made up of 647 games; 80 of which were exclusive to Japan, 98 to the USA and 17 to Europe. The good, the bad and everything in between, all contributed in some way or another to the console's success. Their quality, reputations and impact have been assessed individually. This book presents all 647 published games with detailed information including their release date, developer, publisher, genre, and a rating out of five.


The electronics inside the NES/Famicom were revolutionary for the console industry. Much like the Super Nintendo Anthology, this chapter will focus on the technological innovations, all the components used, graphical and audio capabilities, sprites, scrolling, ports and of course the cartridges themselves. It also includes all the different accessories, peripherals, bundles, the R.O.B. robot made for the Disk System, as well as the compatible machines made by Sharp: The Sharpmicoms!

  • The Way the NES Worlds

  • Models & Bundles

  • Controllers & Accessories


For this chapter, we have consolidated almost 1400 games released on cartridge, 1050 of which came from Japan alone! Of the 700 titles made for the NES, 670 were released in North America, while 'only' 343 were marketed in the PAL region; 33 of which were PAL exclusives (Region A or B). Some were even deemed fit for release back in Japan (like Road Fighter).The 199 games made for the Famicom Disk System are also analyzed and presented with their respective box art.

  • The NES & Famicom Cartridges

  • Unofficial Games

  • Collector's & Alternative Editions

  • Canceled Games

  • Compilations



ENGLISH (HARDCOVER - KOOPA) ISBN: 9782380170061 Year: 2020 Pages: 430

ENGLISH (HARDCOVER - TANUKI) ISBN: 9782380170023 Year: 2020 Pages: 610

This book was released with 2 versions; the Koopa Edition and the Tanuki Edition. The Tanuki Edition includes an additional 180 pages cover the accessories (both official and unofficial), the Sharpmicom, and some PAL exclusives.

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