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Mathieu Gabella, Paolo Traisci (Penciller), Fabien Alquier (Colorist)


A secret knowledge. A prohibited weapon.

England, Ravensthorpe camp, 9th century. Kidnapped by Eivor, a powerful Viking warlord, Edward, a copyist monk, seeks to understand the reasons which led his brother Ecbert to commit suicide... Among the documents of the deceased, strange parchments blackened by a language were found. hermetic. No one knows where these occult-looking letters came from, but Edward has seen such signs before: in Hytham's workshop, a wise man who took him under his wing. Hytham is part of a secret order: "Those Unseen". An order that could offer the answers to Edward, and guarantee his aspirations of freedom and knowledge. For this, Hytham offers to send him to Lunden accompanied by Niels, a young Viking warrior as undisciplined as he is promising. The low,

Graphic novel of historical adventure tinged with esotericism, this album marks the arrival with great fanfare of the most cult of Ubisoft licenses in the Glénat catalogue! In an independent story but connected to the latest opus Assassin's Creed Valhalla , Mathieu Gabella and Paolo Traisci play with the best aspects of the video game universe: action and discretion, camaraderie and betrayal, History and myth.



FRENCH ISBN: 9782344046869 Year: 2022 Pages: 88


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